I always love to know how people come up with the name of their business. You do too, right?


Ok let me explain. It’s pretty straight forward. My name is Emily Griffiths and I love working in social media (hence the OMG association). So, there’s a bit of a play on words, get it? Isn’t it lucky I married a man with a “G” last name.


I’ve been disrupting lives in the digital marketing space since graduating from Uni back in 2007 (OMG, that was ages ago!).

Back then, I was part of a team who pioneered the social media inception within the real estate industry during a time when people said “it’s just a fad and it’ll pass!”. Longest fad everrrr.


Since then, I’ve managed over 80 pages at once, spoken about social media at national conferences to over 150 delegates, trained businesses on the importance of being disruptive online and, unsuspectingly, met the love of my life on Facebook (long story, remind me to tell you when we meet).

Think of us as your external marketing department.

Needless to say, I love what I do. You’re in safe hands.